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Michelle Dessler

Michelle Dessler worked for the Counter Terrorist Unit during the nuclear bomb and virus crises. She served for the most part as a systems analyst, but later held a management position after Tony Almeida was incapacitated. She also engaged in field work for the team dispatched to secure the virus at the Chandler Plaza Hotel. Dessler, in a brave attempt to save the lives of those in the hotel entered before the Haz-Mat suits arrived to try to secure the virus. Unfortunately, she and her team were unable to reach the virus in time, and it was released into the vent. Dessler then engaged in crowd management to attempt to keep those in the hotel under control, and was even forced to execute a hotel resident who started an uproar and attempted to exit the building. Michelle later found out that she did not contract the virus, but her vehicle to Health Services was intercepted by Saunders’ men and she was captured. She was returned to CTU in an exchange for Saunders’ daughter, only to find out, to her dismay, that her husband, Tony Almeida, was going to go to jail for trying to save her life.

Her whereabouts and employment status are currenlty unknown.