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Nina Myers

Intelligent, witty, and beautiful when she pleases to be, Nina Myers used to be one of the most helpful, caring, and exceptional agents at CTU. It was 4 years ago, on the day of the California presidential primary, that changed her life forever and made her and Jack sworn enemies.

When the day began, Nina was seen merely as a “helper” and friend of Jack’s. However, as the day tick-boomed its way forward, Nina’s character began to become more and more apparent. At 2 AM, Jack thought that she was a mole inside the agency assisting in the assassination attempt on David Palmer. “Who are you working for!?“ Jack screamed at her. “I work for you,” Nina replied with fear in her eyes. At 7 AM, Jack was forced to shoot Nina. Even then, Nina, who was given a bullet-proof vest by Jack, continued to help out Jack in every way possible. Not only was she able to assist Jack while he was working against CTU’s authority, but she also found key information leading to the Drazens as the tiring day pressed on.

Nina was also notorious at the time for being caught in the middle of love and its repercussions. Nina’s affair with Jack led to complications between her and Teri, and perhaps a bit with Tony as well. However, even through all the accusations, Nina continued to help Jack and his family. She helped Jack perform two sting operations, one with Alexis Drazen and another with Alan Morgan. She comforted Teri when she found out that Jack and Kim were in danger. She even made a call to David Palmer, asking for his special assistance in getting Jack back from the Drazens. All of these traits made Nina the ideal CTU agent…until one moment in time that changed everything:


“Yada Yelena.”

At 11 PM, Nina was revealed to be a mole in CTU, just as Jack suspected earlier in the day. Her attitude toward Jack and his family completed shifted as we were able to see her point of view in the final, thrilling hour of the day: “You’ll have to kill him. No mistakes,” she said to Victor Drazen in reference to Jack as she strode carefully through the vacant CTU halls. Upon finding out that Jack survived Drazen’s onslaught, Nina began to make her daring escape from CTU and into Germany. Yet her trip was impeded by Teri Bauer, who found out too much about Nina’s future plans. “Hands on your knees…DO IT!” Nina yelled to the fearful, yet quiet Teri. Upon completing the transferring of files from CTU, Nina was told by her superior to not let anything compromise her. With a regretful look on her face, Nina shot Teri in the abdomen and let her die. After a grand showdown with Jack in the CTU parking garage, Jack was left the victor and Nina the loser. “I was just trying to do my job,” Nina said to Jack with blood running down her face. “Your JOB?! My wife and daughter almost died today!“ Jack protested. As she was taken away by the CTU guards, Nina couldn’t help but give a smirk…

1 year later, Nina is revealed to have given the plans to CTU to a terrorist while working at CTU, and she is brought back to the building to help assist Jack in the search for a nuclear bomb. Jack’s interrogation with Nina proves to be most splendid, and both begin to play a cat-and-mouse game that continues even to this very day. Jack begins the game by drugging a CTU agent in order to prove that he has the power to leave them alone together and make her quiver with fear. Nina makes her first move when she attempts to escape into the world, or rather Visalia, California. Jack counters this maneuver and puts a gun to her head for trying to escape…but his conscience kicks in and decides to spare her. In the next round, while on an airplane, Nina slashes terrorist Mahmud Faheen with an infamous gift card and demands to be taken to San Diego. However, Nina’s plans are ruined when the plane that Jack and her are traveling on is shot down by a government unit known as the Coral Snake team. Surprisingly, both Jack and Nina survive the plane crash and the ground attack launched by the Coral Snake team, whom they defeat by working together. However, once the attack is over, Nina corners Jack with an Uzi and puts him in the position she’s wanted him in for a long time. Demanding a pardon from President Palmer, Nina plans to shoot Jack and finally move on with her life. As she prepares to do so, Jack once again tries to tell Nina that she has no cause and no soul, and that no whatever what she thinks, she still killed people. “Shut up, Jack! Shut up! Now we are through TALKING!” Nina furiously responded to Jack. Just before she is able to get the chance to shoot him, a CTU sniper is able to hit Nina in the shoulder and neutralize her. As she is about to be taken away, Jack whispers something into Nina’s ear, something that even to this day, remains a mystery. Nina’s eyes dilate and her face runs cold as she is taken back to Los Angeles…

Because of President Palmer’s promise to Nina of a pardon for the attempted murder on Jack Bauer and for the successful interception of the nuclear device, Nina was freed from prison and thrust into exile. 3 years after the attempted bombing on Los Angeles, Nina returns yet again, and has emerged from the Northern regions of Africa to make her triumphant return to the world of bio-terrorism. Still working for her nameless client, Nina wins an auction for the deadly Cordilla virus at a price of over $200,000. Before she could obtain the virus from its dealer, Michael Amador, Jack was able to enter the picture, and offered Nina 10 times the amount of money for the virus from the Salazar brothers, claiming that he had gone rogue and turned his back on CTU. Nina didn’t believe him. “Convince me,” she said with a grin. And he did via a kiss and probably some sex. Yet Nina was still not convinced. So naturally, Jack got the best of her and tied her up, claiming that he would do whatever it takes to get the virus. And thus, their game of cat-and-mouse resumed once again. Soon, Nina tries to convince Ramon Salazar that Jack has been working against them the whole time. This fails, and Nina obtains the virus from Amador in an abandoned mine. She gives it to Ramon, and she runs off after CTU units begin to attack from the perimeters of the area. Luckily, Jack is able to find her before she escapes and before she is able to kill his partner, Chase Edmunds. Back on a plane once again, Nina decides to reveal her ultimate trump card by tricking Jack into dialing a number which would trigger a worm in CTU’s computer system. To the dismay of Nina, this plan fails thanks to Chloe O’ Brian, CTU’s new tech whiz. As they begin their descent to CTU, Jack can’t help but smile, while Nina cowers in her place.

They say that the third time’s the charm, and well…it looks like they were right. As Nina enters CTU for her third and final time, Kim sees her for the first time in 4 years since that unforgettable day. The same, presumably, goes for Tony, who finally gets to interrogate his evil ex-girlfriend. Throughout the interrogation, Nina makes use of her dry wit with classic lines such as making “the same mistake twice,” “very incisive,” and “your neck’s bleeding.” Also in the interrogation, a startling discovery is made, implying that Nina has AIDS. This however, does not stop Nina from withholding information. It also doesn’t stop her from playing her final and most daring game yet. Instead of being injected with truth serum, Nina decides to inject herself into the serum, causing her to burst a vein in the neck and prompting her to have surgery immediately. Jack knows though, that this is just another one of her brilliant schemes. Nothing can take down Nina Myers so easily…but Nina sure can. In an instant, Nina begins her second grand escape from CTU, killing several medical technicians and a guard in the process. The alarms go off, and both Kim and Jack watch in horror as the same thing that happened 4 years ago happens once more. Nina is routing her escape route once more, in a room that looks eerily similar to that of the one where she killed Teri…with a gun. Kim arrives with a gun. “Kim, you don’t want to be involved in this,” Nina says in her compassionate, yet psychotic tone of voice. Kim swears to God that she will kill Nina if she doesn’t drop her gun. Nina raises her gun…and down she goes, shot in the arm once again by an unseen sniper: Jack Bauer.

Jack tells Kim to go, leaving the two alone finally, both in their true, vulnerable states, after so long. Jack asks Nina if she has anymore information. As she lunges for her gun, Nina claims that she does. It is at that very moment, that Jack realizes that she has no more useful information. “No you don’t.” He shoots her several times in chest. Nina Myers…is finally dead.

Nina Myers became but a shadow of the compassionate, helpful, model CTU employee that she once tried to play for several years at CTU. As the minutes ticked on past 11 PM on that day 4 years ago, Nina became less and less of a person, and more and more of the very kind of person that CTU protects the world from. Although there have been times when Nina subtly hinted some regret for her actions, unfortunately redemp-tion for her is too late and she’ll never be apologize for her “inappropriate behavior” and return to “the side of the angels” once more. It is this that leaves the viewer both sad, puzzled, and even a little disturbed. Even though Jack has killed the one person that has been plaguing his existence, he tried his very best to not kill her. Did Nina win that final game in CTU? We will most likely find out as the show proceeds, but some-thing that we know right now, is that Nina Myers most certainly won our hearts throughout these past few years, whether for her goodness…or for her evilness.

You will be sorely missed.

RIP Nina.