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David Palmer

"David Palmer is a decent man....Maybe too decent for the times we live in."

President David Palmer, the first black man to hold the office of Command-in-Chief, has faced a lot of hardships and losses on his road to the White House.

He is a very rightous man, always striving to do what he holds to be right and true. And there are those, in his administration and even his own family who are quick to attack him for his stoic beliefs. Maybe the one man he CAN trust is Jack Bauer, the CTU agent who saved his life a year and a half ago, and lost his own wife, Teri, in the process.

Palmer's own family life is also somewhat of a mess, as his ex-wife is a domineering, power-hungry person, who is not above conspiring with terrorists to get back at Palmer. His children have accused him of not being there, always being busy.

And a conspiracy within the government exists to take over the Presidency. However, he is not a man who back down easily. When he saw the injustice being done in Kosovo by Victor Drazen, he ceaselessy campaigned to have him removed from power, to arrest him. But the politicians valued politics over doing the right thing, and the case was closed, until he went through back-channels to have him assassinated. He believed that having Drazen killed would put an effective end to his regime.

All in all, he has the makings to become the most fair-minded and liked President of all time, one who would sort out the right from the wrong, one who would work towards bettering the world....unless his own administration kills him first....