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Tony Almeida

Tony Almeida is a former agent of CTU Los Angeles. Originally a skeptic of Bauer’s methods, he reported Bauer several times for his rogue behavior. Eventually, however, he and Jack became friends as Tony learned to trust Jack’s unconventional methods. At one point, Almeida was arrested for and accused of treason, along with agent Michelle Dessler, for drugging CTU employee Ryan Chappelle and aiding Jack Bauer in a search for evidence. Bauer was deemed rogue by CTU, but was eventually proved to be correct, and the charges were dropped against Almeida and Dessler. Dessler and Almedia became romantically involved, and are currently married.

While trying to stop terrorist Stephen Saunders from releasing a deadly virus in Los Agneles, Almeida received a call from Saunders informing him that his wife, Michelle Dessler, was being held hostage. In an attempt to get his wife back, Almeida followed Saunders’ orders, and aided Saunders in an escape from a building, then attempted to remove his daughter, Jane Saunders, from CTU, but was stopped by agent Jack Bauer. Tony was arrested for treason for his actions that impeded the investigations, and is curently serving a sentence in prison.