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Web Chat login:

Password (optional):

powered by chatsters

If it asks you if you want to run the java applet, click "yes."

Other Methods

To Download MIRC:

1. Go to http://mirc.com/get.html
2. Click on the location nearest you...though it doesn't matter too much, and download the program. Remember where you save it.
3. Double click on it and install the program. You can click on launch program after installation.
4. In the program, an "About MIRC" window pops up, uncheck the little check box on the left bottom corner of that window.
5. Close the window.

(((if you type /server irc.chatster.org in the text box on the bottom, you can connect automatically, but you have to do this everytime, if you want to connect this way)))

6. If there is no "mIRC Options" open, Click on File, and then options... or hit the ALT and O keys.

To get to Chatster:
Changing the mIRC Options:
1. Hit Add.
2. The description should be irc.chatster.org
3. In the IRC Server put: irc.chatster.org
4. In the Full Name box type in an alias.
5. Type whatever in the email box.
6. Choose your nickname that you will come in as.
7. Choose an alternative in case that first nick is taken.

8. On the left hand side of the window there is an item called Connect underneath that folder there is an Options item, click on that, check "Reconnect on Disconnection" and "Connect on Startup."

9. Then look below Connect and Options a little more and find the IRC folder, and find the options  "Rejoin channels when kicked" and "Rejoin Channels on Disconnect" and make sure they have checks.

10. Then click OK at the bottom, and exit the program and open it up again. Hopefully it will connect right away, and then when it asks for what room to open up, create a new listing: #24.
You can also delete the other rooms listed to make it easier to use.

You can also click on Names when #24 is highlighted, and see who is already in the room, before entering.


Click here to download Trillian

Version 0.74

1. Click on the trillian icon to get to Connection Manager.

2. Pull down the "Chat Medium" list to IRC.

3. Click the "Add" button and a window will po window will pop up.

4. For Description put: "irc.chatster.org" and for Server put: "irc.chatster.org" and for Country, put your Country, and the port should be 6667 and the group is Chatster.

If you have registered your nickname before, you may enter your pasword here too, otherwise, it's not needed.

5. Then click "OK" and Connect.

Now you should be connected, click here for instructions on how to get into the 24 room.

Version 3

1. Pull down the Trillian menu item, and go to Connections -> Manage My Connections.

2. Click Add a New Connection, then IRC.

3. Type in "irc.chatster.org" in the first field, and "irc.chatster.org::6667" in the second field.

4. Then type in your screenname for the next 3 fields.

5. Click Connect.

To get into the 24 Room

1. Click on the irc button, and go to "show status window"

2. In the new window, type:

/join #24

You should be in the room now. If you have any questions or problems, email me at ShariCooper24@yahoo.com