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1. '24' Theme

2. Up And Down Stairs

3. L.A. At 9:00 A.M.

4. Jack On The Move

5. Jack's Revenge At The Docks

6. Kim And Terry's Escape From The Safe House

7. Jack In The Limo

8. Pursuit Of Kyle

9. Salazar's Theme

10. Copter Chase Over L.A.

11. Jack Tells Kim He's Not Coming Back

12. The Bomb Detonates

13. Palmer's Theme

14. Alexis

15. Coliseum Finale

16. Amnesia

17. Jack And Kim Trying To Reconnect

18. Season One Finale/Terry's Death

19. Season Three Finale/Jack's Humanity


24 Soundtrack Songs from S1

All season 2 music was composed by Sean Callery
24 theme music
S1: Ep 1
  • "It's All Good" by The Fearless Freep
  • "Fix and Destroy" by The Dirtmitts
  • "Bouncing off the walls" by Sugarcult
  • "Compromise" by Mean Red Spiders
  • "Live at E's" by Sublime
  • "Chair on a Wire" by Krome
  • "Everything and nothing" by Rocket Science
  • "Iguaza" by Gustavo Santaolalla
  • "Destiny Complete" by The Angel
  • "Feelin' Irie" by Jazz Pharmacy
  • "Christiansands" by Tricky
S1:Ep 2
  • "Did You Forget" by Peter Farrell
  • "Losing an Edge" by Rocket Science
  • "Darker" by The Doves
S1:Ep 14
  • "I'm on the Wonder" by Clifton Chenier
  • "I'm a Doggy" by Marvin Pontiac
  • "Clock Grows Old" by I am Spoonbender
  • "Lousiana Two-Step" by Clifton Chenier
S1:Ep 15
  • "Who's That Kat?" by The Salds
S1:Ep 16
  • "Saturday" by Yo La Tengo
  • "Cataract" by Trephines
  • "Winter Notes" by Picastro
  • "Remain" by John Frusciante
  • "As Sure as the Sun" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club